I deliver a structured lesson plan and follow the
Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency's 
Officially Recommended Syllabus.
This includes the subjects listed below:

All driving lessons with Westdrive school of Motoring have a logical format.. Our driving instructors feel it is essential to cover all standard driving lesson topics to help ensure a high pass rate on the driving test.

Whether you learn to drive in Ayr, Prestwick or Troon you'll receive your very own personal driving lesson plan.


Your current driving experience (if any) and your level of confidence will be taken into account and reassessed on a regular bases.


Your driving instructor will plan an individually structured driving lesson plan to make sure that you will be learning at a pace that suits you, not too slow and not too fast!


Learning to be a good driver

Good driving isn’t just about learning the rules of the road: your skill and your attitude as a driver are vital too, and you’ll keep learning and developing these over the years.

A good driver

  • is responsible for what they do while driving

  • concentrates on what they’re doing

  • anticipates what could happen around them

  • is patient with other road users

  • is confident about how to drive safely.

     Lesson Format 

  • General Greetings & Administration

  •  Lesson Overview & Aim

  • Recap from Previous Lesson

  • Confirmation Practice

  • Introduce New Driving Skill   

  • Practice & Perfect New Skill

  • Revision for Next Driving Lesson