The lowdown on learning to drive and passing the test : 

Everyone always want to know how many lessons will I need to pass, what's in the theory and practical tests and how much it costs.


Gaining a driving licence is a major step in life for many people. For some it simply offers an element of freedom, for others its vital for work or family commitments. 

But whatever your motivation, to get one you’re going to have to sit the driving test. 

From finding lessons to preparing for the test and understanding what’s expected of you, it can be a complicated process so we’ve pulled together all the information you need to get you started en route to obtaining a car licence.


Applying for a provisional licence

The first step on the road to getting a full licence is to apply for your provisional licence, which allows you to take to the road under instruction. 

For a car licence, you can apply for your provisional licence from the age of 15 years and 9 months but you can’t learn to drive until you are 17. In England, Scotland and Wales, you can apply online and it will cost £34 or via post, where it will cost £43.

To apply you must be able to read a licence plate from 20 metres and provide proof of ID, such as a passport, and proof of address. 

Driving lessons

Once you’ve got your provisional licence and have turned 17 you can start getting lessons, going out with either a qualified driving instructor or a suitably experienced friend or family member.  It’s a good idea to have at least a few lessons with a professional instructor. First off, they know the test procedure inside out and know the best practice for every element of driving. As well as their knowledge and experience, they also have dual-control cars with their own insurance, and are trained to stay calm no matter how inexperienced/nervous you are - not something family members always manage.

How much do lessons cost?

The price of lessons varies depending on where you live and which instructor you chose but budget in the region of £28-£38 per hour. Many driving schools  often offer discounts if you block book lessons. At Westdrive a 60 min lesson £35, 90 min £53, 120 min £70. 

How many lessons will I need?

There’s no definitive answer to this. How many lessons you need to pass the driving test comes down to the individual. Some learners will pick it up quickly while others will take a little longer. You might find you get caught out by one single element or manoeuvre and have to spend an extra lesson or two getting to grips with it. 

Ian McIntosh, CEO of RED Driving School explains: “Everybody learns at different rates and there are many factors that might affect the number of lessons needed to feel test-ready, such as age, frequency of lessons, supplementary driving practice and learning style. It’s vital to remember that everyone is different and learning to drive is a process that requires patience and perseverance.”


Westdrive offers lessons at a pace to suit you and fits around your lifestyle.


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You can be assured you wont be disappointed choosing to take your lessons with Westdrive.