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Terms  & Conditions

Made by J Donald  DVSA ADI


The following terms and conditions represent the basis upon which driving lessons and courses are offered by James Donald, a Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Approved Driving Instructor. James Donald trades as Westdrive School of Motoring. The DSA is an Executive Agency of the Department of Transport. It is responsible for setting driving standards, administering the driving test and licensing driving instructors.

General Conduct 

James Donald (Hereafter I or James) agrees to abide by the DSA Voluntary Code or Practice for Approved Driving Instructors. I will be courteous, polite and punctual. I will behave in a professional and ethical manner. I will supply a well maintained dual control car, fully insured for the purpose of driving lessons and taking the practical driving  test. I will not smoke in the car or use your lesson time for anything other than your driving  lesson.

Driving License, Eyesight & Health

The learner (Hereafter You) must have a driving license (provisional or full). I must see this by the beginning of the first lesson. Both parts the photo ID and counterpart must be produced. You must be able to read a car number plate from 20.5m in good daylight. You are reminded of your legal responsibility to inform DVLA of any medical condition that may affect your driving. You are advised to inform me accordingly at the time of booking. The law is clear on driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine. If I suspect this is the case, the driving  lesson will be terminated and the full lesson price payable.

Driving Lessons

The time, date, pick-up point/ drop off and duration of lessons will be agreed between you and I, beforehand. It is your responsibility to be ready at the correct time. I will wait for you in the car. After ten minutes I may leave and the full driving lesson price is payable. Traffic can make journey times unpredictable. If I am going to be ten minutes late I will phone or text and tell you. The full driving  lesson time will be honoured.


All driving  lessons must be paid by the start of the driving  lesson. You are reminded that visiting a cash machine, uses your paid for time and maybe inconvenient to the driving  lesson I have planned for you.  Driving lessons can be paid for by cash or cheque . I will give you a receipt and keep records to account for all payments.


Driving lessons are booked in good faith. Should a driving lesson need to be cancelled by you, it is in your interests to tell James immediately. Driving lessons cancelled giving one clear days notice will not be charged. For example a Monday driving  lesson needs to be cancelled on Saturday. Otherwise the full price of the driving lesson is payable at the discretion of James.

Driving Test

It is James’s usual practice to help you come to a decision about when to book a test.  Due to waiting times it is necessary to forecast when you will be ready.  As the driving test date draws nearer, I will help you assess your standard of driving.  I do reserve the right to withhold use of the car in the interests of your own safety, the examiners and the public’s.  I will endeavour to advise you in time to recover any test fees and re-book another date.  Should you choose to keep the test date, I will not be liable for any loss or costs you incur.